Have you ever had experience on sharing images, videos, documents with friends, relatives, customers, suppliers and others? I have had this problem solved recently when I came across Dropbox through someone sharing this in Facebook. I thought it is just another website that offer free files sharing facility until I have tried using it for 4 weeks lately.

What I discovered is Dropbox offer an easy way to share your files with others. All you need is after sign up for the Free account (which offer 2GB – 8GB space), download and install the dropbox desktop software on your working computer. By copying the files into the dropbox, it will help you to upload to your dropbox behind the scene. Likewise, whatever files uploaded to your dropbox folder, will be also download and save to the same folder. You can continue working on your stuffs as usual. No more waiting time on uploading and downloading!

So what is Dropbox all about?

Dropbox is a free media hosting service that allow you to store and share your photos, documents, videos anywhere. You can even upload from the phone too! Dropbox make your life so much easier to share with others.

Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up now and get 2GB account for free! It works from Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.