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Our mission is to help business owners to create easy to maintain websites.

Our vision is to see everyone, including you able to have your websites to promote your products and services.

You might have bad experience in getting your website up and running. Feeling so difficult to create new new contents, or even find out it is not what you are getting after completed the whole websites.

Forget about going through the painful experience above. It's time to ultilising web 2.0 technology and start making use of our web solution. established in 2010. A brainchild of Steven Wong who is a web marketing consultant, coach and speaker. He has vast knowledge in social media marketing, business blogging and online internet marketing. [Read more…]

Website Development

Building websites these days became an essential strategic plan  to many companies that significantly brought them online success, boosts their marketing strategies and increase earning possibilities. More and more companies began looking for innovative and marketing driven website development that provide not just merely information. [Read more …]

Internet Marketing

The effort of selling products and services online does not end up upon establishing your website. You can’t expect people to just pop up viewing your site without the sweat of promoting your site through advertising with the use of Internet Marketing. You need to expose your website to as many internet users as possible. [Read More …]

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing in Malaysia is hot! It is also the latest trend and the most powerful method in promoting your products and services online worldwide. The main idea of social media marketing is to utilize the vast traffic via social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, forum as well as blog marketing to your website. [Read more …]

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